What is it all about?

Clocks based on nixie tubes have become popular over last years. Many of them were designed and built since beginning of the century. Such clocks are still attractive because of their exceptional look. As new designs are created, variety of ideas, functions and features grows. And here Open Nixie steps in with its innovative modular design.

Open Nixie is a project of a clock based on nixie tubes. But what makes it open is its modular construction. It consists of three main modules and a case. Obviously open project has to be open source and that is exactly what it is.

As you will see it may use different types of tubes or even other types of display such as LED displays. You may use various types of microcontrollers, RTCs, other logic circuits just by replacing one module. I tried to design interconnections between modules in straightforward and logic way just to make design of alternative modules as easy as possible.

Clock consists of three modules:

Each module is described in its section. In Built units you may find some photos. All the downloads including schematics, PCBs, source code are available on project’s github repository: https://github.com/limonit/opennixie

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