Built units

There are six units built by now. I own five of them. They vary in some details.

Number one. Classic design. It uses the DOLAM LC-513 tubes without filter. Tubes are mounted using pin adapters and no sockets. The case is finished with light wax. As Logic Module Weoms D1 is used. LEDs are orange, separator is an orange neon bulb.

Number two. I call it the Green Design. I used the RFT Z560M with red filter in this unit. Tubes use sockets. Separator is green neon bulb, LEDs are also green. Logic Module is the same as in Number one. The case is darker.

Number three. Similar to green one, but separator is orange neon bulb and LEDs are orange. It also uses the M328 Logic Module.

Number four. It’s the Ice Blue Design as it uses ice blue LED as separator as well as LEDs in the same colour. Used tubes are Z566M in sockets. Logic module is the M328 Logic Module. The case is darkest of all the models.

Number five. This one is much different. It uses the Z560M tubes. The tubes use sockets installed on short wires to change their position and increase separation between them. This one uses also completely different case – dedicated for this kind of tubes. It has an IR sensor instead of buttons. The Logic Module M328 is soldered directly to the PCB to achieve lower profile. Due to same reason some components are soldered on their side. Low profile is necessary to fit into the case. As you can also see, battery holder is mounted on the other side of PCB to make it easier to replace the battery. The PCB are mounted in the case with an „adapter” made of piece of an old PCB.

There is also one Concept that probably will be built someday. It’s the Harlequin design. It will use tubes in various colors that I have as spares. Two of them are the Tesla ZM1020 with an exceptional very intensive red filter. Other two tubes have all the markings completely rubbed off. I suspect one of them is DOLAM LC-513. The other one may be some Soviet tube. I have found that numers 2 and 5 share the same shape what is characteristic for Soviet tubes. Anyway, it’s going to look like this.